Met Gala 2023



Every year, the Met Gala promises incredible outfits from various celebrities, oftentimes with incredible meanings behind them. This year’s Met Gala theme was Karl Lagerfeld, the late fashion designer. While there was little room for interpretation, many of the celebrities invited put a creative spin on their inspiration.

Karl Lagerfeld himself was a controversial pick as a theme. This event was meant to honor the fashion designer who died in 2019, but it has received backlash. Lagerfeld was fatphobic, and Islamaphobic, and said things about women that were not advisable.

While many celebrities didn’t agree with these ideologies, they went to the Gala nonetheless, but not without making statements.

Black and White

Karl Lagerfeld was infamous for black-and-white designs. He has said that the two colors are his favorite combination, they always look modern no matter the times. He himself was usually seen in a sleek monochromatic suit.

Christopher Polk for WWD

Most celebrities followed his lead this year. Olivia Roderigo adorned a dress made of individual strings of black and white made by Thom Browne, all joined at the top of the dress with flowers at the bust.

Jamie McCarthy/GETTY

Billie Eilish and Gigi Hadid both wore black gowns of draping, sheer fabric. Eilish wore sheer opera gloves and a corset, while Hadid has a train and wrist gloves to match her dress.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld

Rihanna wore the opposite, in a fully white gown with a long train. She wore a hood covered in roses of white fabric, along with a matching one in the middle of the neckline of her dress. Rihanna also sported sunglasses, a tribute to Lagerfeld who often wore sunglasses in his later years.

Adorned in Jewelry

Another style of Lagerfeld that was particularly popular was his use of jewelry. He used chains, pearls, and diamonds all over the body, not just the traditional necklace or earring.

Dimitrios Kambouris/GETTY IMAGES

Kim Kardashian paid tribute to this. She wore a revealing gown made almost entirely of pearls. She also wore a big necklace of diamonds and pearls.

Michael Buckner for Variety

Lizzo was another example of this. She wore a black gown with lines of pearls across her bodice and falling down her sides. There were also pearls dotting her train, along with the gloves she wore.

Christopher Polk for WWD

Aubrey Plaza wore a one-shoulder white dress with silver-lined cut-outs. She paired this with black leather opera gloves and silver jewelry.

The Color Pink

In fashion and on red carpets, the color pink isn’t usually one that surprises. It can be elegant or bold, depending on the styling. But in a sea of black and white, the color stood out on this carpet. Karl Lagerfeld famously hated it, even saying, “See life in pink, but do not wear it!”

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Viola Davis did not take this advice. She stunned in a hot pink gown complete with feathers and a train that was sure to turn heads.

Image Source: Getty / WWD

As well as Davis, celebrities like Cardi B and Naomi Campbell wore dresses in pink and jewels. Model, Grace Elizabeth wore a look of pink stripes.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

These celebrities made a mild protest against Lagerfeld with their outfits, likely in an attempt to draw attention toward his problematic behavior, although none spoke about it directly.

Writers Strike

The fashion on the red carpet is one thing, but the interviews at the Gala are just as important as the clothing. Many celebrities, including Quinta Brunson, Amanda Seyfried, and Jimmy Fallon expressed their support for the writers of the Writers Guild of America who were in the process of going on strike for better wages.

Michael Buckner for Variety

The day after the Met Gala, a number of celebrities took to social media to show their support as well.

Environmentally Conscious Designs

This year’s Met Gala also had some environmentally friendly outfits, which is something activists have criticized in the past.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Activist and model Quannah Chasinghorse made a statement with both her pink gown and her handmade Dakota jewelry.

Michael Buckner for Variety

Dua Lipa rewore a Chanel gown originally worn on the runway in 1992. This white and black couture dress was paired with a 100-carat diamond necklace that was cut nearly identical to the iconic yellow Tiffany diamond.

Michael Buckner for Variety

Nicole Kidman also rewore a blush dress she first wore in a 2004 Chanel advert. The rewearing or remaking of clothing supports the environment because they recycle the material and make the most of it instead of wasting it. Hopefully, these celebrities inspire others to rewear their clothes and outfits to better the planet.

The Cat

While some celebrities honored Lagerfeld, and some shamed him, a few didn’t acknowledge him so much as his cat, Choupette.

Michael Buckner for Variety

Jared Leto was one of these people, arriving at the Met Gala in a full-body cat suit. Doja Cat showed up in prosthetics that gave her feline facial features. Lil Nas X dazzled in a head-to-toe jeweled look complete with whiskers.

Of course, there were dozens of other incredible looks at this event that can be found on social media and online.