Upcoming Movie Releases


Very soon there will be some new exciting movies coming to the screen. Some of the following movies have come out recently, or are going to be in theaters within the next couple of months.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift Productions

The biggest pop star in the world’s movie about her largest tour is now ready to watch. In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is a music concert featuring songs from all of Taylor’s ten albums. The tour has taken place in the US and this leg of the tour is when the movie was filmed. Taylor Swift will be performing next in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Sabrina Carpenter on November 9, 2023. The movie shows Taylor performing songs from the tour, in many different outfits, with many different dancers, and stage setups. The concert itself is three hours and fifteen minutes long, and the film is two hours and forty-nine minutes long.


Courtesy of A24

Director Sofia Coppola brought us another film on November 3rd, now available to see in theaters. She is known for directing "Lost in Translation", "The Virgin Suicides", and "Marie Antoinette". This movie is about Priscilla Presley and life before and after meeting Elvis and being in the spotlight. Starring Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla and "Euphoria" and "The Kissing Booth" star Jacob Elordi as Elvis. When the film debuted at the Venice Film Festival this year it had already received high applause with a seven-minute standing ovation. Cailee Spaeny won best actress at the Venice Film Festival, and Sofia Coppola was nominated for best film (Venice Film Festival) and won best filmmaking at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

The Hunger Games: The Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes

Courtesy of Lionsgate

Attention all Hunger Games fans! The prequel to your favorite series will be available to watch on November 17th. The book has already become a fan-favorite and many are excited to see the book come to life. The prequel shows young Coriolanus Snow before he becomes the tyrant President Snow we are familiar with. He is excited when he is chosen to be a mentor in the 10th Hunger Games. But, after meeting his mentee, Lucy Gray Baird from District 12, he regrets ever being excited to have this position and falls for the girl. This film stars many amazing actors: Rachel Zelger (known for "West Side Story") as Lucy Gray Baird, Tom Blyth ("Billy the Kid") as Coriolanus Snow, Viola Davis ("HTGAWM" and "The Help") as Dr. Volumnia Gaul, Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") as Casca Highbottom, and Hunter Schafer ("Euphoria") as Tigris Snow.

Trolls Band Together

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Also coming to theaters on November 17th is another "Trolls" movie. In this movie, Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) learns that Branch (Justin Timberlake) and his brothers Floyd, John Dory, Spruce, and Clay were once part of a boy band called ‘BroZone’. After Floyd is kidnapped, Branch and Poppy go on an adventure to save Floyd and reunite the siblings. This movie features songs by NSync, Justin Timberlake’s former boy band, debuting the band back into the music industry. The "Trolls" movies have a star-studded cast with a few being Kenan Thompson, Troye Sivan, and Camila Cabello.


Photo via Instagram @beyonce

Another one of the biggest pop stars, Beyoncé, is releasing her music tour documentary on December 1st. The film will show Beyoncé performing at her recent Renaissance tour at which she sings a lot of her popular songs such as Dangerously In Love, 1+1, CUFF IT, and many more. The iconic tour also features a few outfit changes and began in May 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden. A special guest is a part of the tour as well, Beyoncé’s 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. She is one of Queen Bey’s backup dancers for part of the concert, and fans couldn’t be more excited to see her featured. I think it’s fair to say Blue Ivy had the coolest summer job!


Courtesy of Warner Bros.

We all know and love the famous "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" book by Roald Dahl and the movie adaptations created since. Now, on December 15th, we will get a closer look at Willy Wonka’s life prior to the creation of his famous chocolate empire. Wonka is seen on a journey to becoming the world’s greatest inventor, magician, and chocolate maker and all the ups and downs that come along with that path. The film stars "Dune" and "Little Women" actor Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka. "The Crown" and "Fleabag" actress Olivia Colman as Mrs. Scrubbit, Hugh Grant, known for "Love, Actually", as an Oompa-Loompa, and actress Sally Hawkins as Willy’s Mother.

Mean Girls

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

"Mean Girls"? Didn’t that come out like 10 years ago? Yes, it did, but now on January 12th, 2024, the musical adaptation is becoming a film! Tina Fey’s very famous screenplay will be taken from the stage to the big screen! Featuring the same storyline but with singing! In case you don’t know the story, Cady Heron moves to a new school after previously being homeschooled her whole life and befriends the popular girl clique the Plastics. Regina George is the leader of the pack, but the group also consists of Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith. Cady navigates the crazy, drama-filled world of high school, and develops her first crush on Aaron Samuels, who happens to be Regina’s on-again-off-again boyfriend. The cast includes Broadway star and pop singer Reneé Rapp returning as Regina George, Christopher Briney ("The Summer I Turned Pretty") as Aaron Samuels, and Angourie Rice ("The Nice Guys" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming") as Cady Heron. Tina Fey and Tim Meadows also return as the same characters from the original movie, Ms. Norbury and Principal Duvall. On Wednesdays the Plastics wear pink, but that’s also when the Newspaper Club meets! Wednesday morning before school in Mr. Caz’s room A-54.