All about SZA's new album, "SOS"


Photo Credit: Bradley Calder/Top Dawg Entertainment

SZA is one of the most-heard R&B artists around the world. She was born in St.Louis, MO, but was raised in Maplewood, NJ. She started her music career in the early 2010s. Without knowing that in the future she would be one of the best female artists in R&B history. She is a really spiritual person and I think that is one of the things that her fans love most about her. She does not really care about what other people think about her and she believes that every broken heart can be healed with words. She always tries to leave this belief in her songs so that way her fans can heal from their past or recently new wounds.

After five years of just single releases, SZA released an album on December 9 called, SOS. This album has been the most awaited album by her fans since she did not release an album for five years. SOS was able to be the first R&B female album in history to reach #1 in over forty countries on the same day of its release. Additionally, the next day, SZA was the first R&B female artist in history to reach #1 in over fifty countries. That same day all twenty-three songs on her album were in the top thirty on Apple Music. SZA was able to make history in just a couple of hours and this is what differentiates her from other artists. SZA was the most streamed in all music apps including, Apple Music, Spotify, Musi, and more, in just a range of two days.

One of the best songs in this album is Kill Bill. Kill Bill was #1 in the Global Spotify charts, #1 in the Global Apple Music charts, and #1 in the US both in Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, Kill Bill was able to sell over 100k units in its first 2.5 days which is the reason why this song is one of the best songs in the album. On the other hand, the album has many different genres even though SZA is an R&B artist. In this album you can find, pop, rock, R&B, of course, rap, and gospel. She also features artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Don Toliver, and Travis Scott. Some of these artists she had already worked with but others she did not, which gave her the chance to gain more fans/followers.

SZA announced her tour on December 13 which was shortly noticed because the tickets were pre-sale on the 15th. The sale was not that bad since everything seem to move smoothly until fans stated that the prices were insane, which I can agree with that statement. Nosebleeds seats were three hundred dollars for each (which is insane). Other tickets were on sale for over more than four hundred dollars and it was not even a good seat. This made many fans upset since there is probably not going to be another tour by SZA in years and maybe never. Furthermore, the general sale was on the 16th and it was pretty much the same as the pre-sale only that the prices were higher and many fans were not able to afford the tickets. Afterward, SZA announced on her Instagram that all of her shows were sold out and half of the tickets sold are not even from the fans but from sellers who are still trying to scam people into buying expensive tickets so they can earn more money.

In my opinion, SOS is one of the best albums I have heard in December. Her songs are so touching and inspiring. This album explains the process of a breakup from the order in which the songs were set. The first song is “SOS”, which mainly reflects on disbelief, then the next song is “Kill Bill”, which represents anger and disappointment, then “Used”, this song represents sadness and realization. To continue, “Gone Girl” this song mainly represents the phase of moving on. And finally, “Good Days” which is when you completely heal from the wounds and realize that even after the storm there are good days. There are different ways to interpret this album depending on your life experiences but most people do agree that this album is for the hurt and healed people. Lastly, this album had a great start and I recommend at least hearing this album once.