High Value, Low Cost Colleges in the Northeast


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         College can be one of the most expensive times in your life. Although many go to a school based on its reputation, regardless of its cost, many others are left with the task to identify high-quality schools that won’t make them go bankrupt. Here are high-value universities, besides community colleges, that you may want to consider for your future

Hunter College

         To start, this is one of the most affordable colleges that is also very high quality. The average net price of a student with a family income of more than 110,000 is only $12,004; which can decrease to $800 depending on your family income. They are ranked #21 out of 181 Regional Universities in the North. They are known for their multitude of academic programs in its prestigious School of Arts and Sciences. Based in New York, they offer more than one hundred undergraduate and postgraduate programs. A fun fact, Hunter College opened in 1870 as a women’s college, first admitting a male student in 1946.


Undergraduate Enrollment (2021): 17,212

Class Size: 34.9% of classes fewer than 20 students. 13:1 ratio.

Acceptance Rate (2021): 36%

Average SAT Score: 1060-1260

Average ACT Score: 21-24.5

Average Unweighted GPA: 3.46

Rowan University

         Rowan University is a large public university in a suburb of New Jersey. They are ranked #194 out of 443 national universities. They have earned recognition for innovation, commitment to quality, and affordability. Their academic programs offer 90 bachelor’s, 48 master’s, 2 professional, and 9 doctoral degrees. The most popular majors at Rowan University are Psychology, Biology, Criminal Justice, Business, Finance, Technology, and more.


Total Enrollment (2021): 16,120

Class Size: 48.7% of classes fewer than 20 students. 17:1 ratio.

Acceptance Rate (2021): 72%

Average SAT Score: 1020 - 1230

Average ACT Score: 20-27 (ACT Code: 2560)

Average Unweighted GPA: 3.57

Lehman College

         In the Bronx, New York, Lehman was ranked among the top twenty-five of top public schools based on graduation rate, student debt, social mobility, and faculty resources. Based on the family income, the average net price ranges from $253 to $12,457. Lehman is known for Nursing, Psychology, and Business Administration. They offer more than ninety undergraduate and graduate programs and are known for being a very social and diverse school.


Total Enrollment (2021): 14,787

Class Size: Average classroom size of 21. 16:1 ratio.

Acceptance Rate (2021): 39%

Average SAT Score: 910-1080

Average ACT Score: 18-21

Average GPA: 3.24

Central Connecticut State University

          Based in New Britain, Connecticut, CCSU is known for Business, Marketing, Social Sciences, Psychology, Education, Engineering, Communications, English, and Biology. They are comprised of four academic schools: Business, Engineering/Science/Technology, Graduate Studies, and Education/Professional Studies. They are ranked #101 out of 181 regional universities in the North. The average net price ranges from $13,675 to $21,359 based on your family income.


Total Enrollment (2021): 12,133

Class Size: Average classroom size of 23 with a ratio of 16:1.

Acceptance Rate (2022): 67%

Average SAT Score: 900-1100

Average ACT Score: 19-24 (code 596)

Average GPA: 3.07

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

        Rated as the best value college in the Northeast, the MA Maritime Academy offers undergraduate degree programs focusing on science, engineering, technology, math, and business with an in-state tuition and fee of $10,776. The school is heavily centered around the military but does not require its students to serve. They are known for following a “Learn, Do, Learn” philosophy.


Total Enrollment (2021): 1538

Class Size: 50% smaller than 20 students, 50% 20-49 students.

Acceptance Rate (2021): 90%

Average SAT Score: 1050-1100 (SAT Code: 3515)

Average ACT Score: 22-23 (ACT Code: 1856)

Average GPA of Incoming Freshmen: 3.1