MHS Football's Electric Start


Photo Credit: Maria Batista

Milford High School’s football is keeping the electric energy from last season into the start of this season.

The Scarlet Hawks started off 4-0 this fall's season. They are now currency 6-1. Last season, they started off 5-0. The loss of players last year might have been a tough thing for the team, but a new transfer, and old players stepping up brought the fire to this Scarlet Hawks team.

The Scarlet Hawks started off the season with a promising 42-0 win against Bridgewater-Raynham.

The Hawks went 34-14 against a tough Wellesley team.

Milford went 42-27 against rival Natick.

The Milford-Natick game revealed what the Scarlet Hawks can do, but especially what Romeo Holland can do.

Romeo Holland transferred this year to Milford from Shepherd Hill. He is an inside linebacker and a running back, and proves that he’s a football player, regardless of the school he is in.

Milford was up 8 points, and Holland decided to seal the deal with an epic run.

Holland ran 74 yards with 4 minutes of play time left.

Holland proved to be the running back that Milford would need for this season.

Holland didn’t work alone either, Evan Cornelius continues to stay consistent and is a key player, along with Holland, for the Milford team this season. The senior contributed to the 4 touchdowns, 3 passes and ran 1 down himself, for the Scarlet Hawks.

Continuing with the team effort, we must credit the whole team and other players.

Cornelius and senior Cam Phillips worked together and Phillips had a 46 yard TD from a sweet pass from Cornelius. Sophomore, Andrew Rivera, had an amazing night as well with a defensive interception.

Continuing with excellent play, the Scarlet Hawks hosted Attleboro and grabbed an easy 24-0 win.

North Attleboro gave Milford a close one by catching up to them in the 3rd quarter, but Milford proved their dominance by defeating them 33-15 in the fourth quarter.

October 14th, was a tough one for Milford’s Scarlet Hawks. The tough, rivalry matchup against King Phillip, did not go the way the Hawks wanted it to. Although, they put up a tough fight. 7-19 loss.

Redeeming themselves the following Friday, they defeated Barnstable 30-16 in an electrifying game.

The team is continuing to grow with better players and that is being proved on the field every Friday night, whether they’re home or away, and regardless if it’s a win or a loss.

The next game is away on October 28th versus the Franklin Panthers. The Scarlet Hawks are currently ranked 3rd in the league.